We specialize in the production of 3D Animation, Film Production, VFX Production, TV Spots and Commercials, Video Game Development, Architectural Visualization.

3D Generalist

RGBAnimations Studio help you create the 3D elements you need to make your game, series or movie. We make 3D models, textures, create rigging and tv commercials completely in 3d.

3D Character Animation

Our Studio creates your character from concept to animation, for the production of video games, short films, animated films and television commercials or television series.

3D Virtual Sets


We offer creating realistic 3D environments from architectural plans. Virtual sets for architecture, film and TV. Virtual tours realistic interactive or video.

Digital Illustration


With us you can illustrate an artistic idea, Matte Painting, books for adults and children, graphic novels, comics, advertisements. We conceptualise characters, environments and worlds.

VFX & Video Production


Our Studio helps incorporate CGI characters and environments that look realistic or Cartoons in their short film productions, movies, TV series and commercials. As well as any element in 3D.

Video Game Production


RGBAnimations Studio helps you create your game or the game of its customers. Developed from the idea to the final product.